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New Hampshire’s Enhanced Mapping & Management Information Tool (EMMIT) is a publicly-accessible Geographic Information System administered by the New Hampshire Division of Historical Resources (DHR). This system gives subscribers a convenient means of accessing records pertaining to the state’s historic and archaeological resources. Subscribers will have the ability to perform searches based on locational parameters as well as user-specified attribute criteria. The purpose of this system is to provide these materials to its subscribers in an efficient way, while maintaining a comprehensive archive of the statewide survey of historic properties in an ongoing initiative. The information contained in EMMIT represents the state’s sole comprehensive, up to date inventory of the state’s historic and archaeological resources.

The New Hampshire State Historic Preservation Office / Division of Historical Resources (DHR) will make a good faith effort to ensure that the data provided within EMMIT is accurate and up to date. Information within EMMIT will be updated on a regular basis and will change without notice. Errors found within the data, including locational information or property demolition status, should be reported to the GIS coordinator via email at EMMIT@dncr.nh.gov. All claims of data error need to be substantiated with official documentation or other reference.

Although the information included in EMMIT is presumed to be reliable, DHR makes no warranties, whether express or implied, regarding the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, legal use, reliability or usefulness of the information.

The act of engaging in research using EMMIT does not relieve the subscriber of complying with applicable local, state or federal laws and regulations. Additionally, research using EMMIT does not constitute a review under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966. Information obtained through EMMIT may be used in lieu of conducting a file search at the DHR. New and/or updated survey information is regularly added to the DHR’s files, typically at a rate of 1,000 properties a year. Repeated file reviews may be needed for long-term projects. Aerial imagery is to be used only as a research tool, and NOT as a method of field survey. Finally, absence of a resource within the database or on aerial imagery DOES NOT imply a lack of resources in or around that location. Many of New Hampshire’s historical, architectural and archaeological resources are not represented in the DHR’s files. A lack of resources in a particular location may be due to lack of survey investigations.

Some properties within EMMIT contain sensitive information, including locational data, and access to these files is restricted. This includes archaeological sites and other restricted resources. Access to archaeological site files is granted to qualified archaeological consultants by permission only through the DHR.

Password sharing for a subscriber’s login to EMMIT is strictly forbidden. Sharing of passwords will result in termination of the subscriber’s account without refund of subscription.

Data mining within EMMIT is strictly forbidden. Users will be restricted by search area and frequency of property file downloads, and subscriber activity logs will be kept and monitored. Any subscriber engaging in activity deemed by the site administrators to constitute as data mining will have her/his account terminated without refund of subscription.

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